Portrait of Winzie Howard Wearing A Yellow Necktie

Hi. I’m Winzie Howard, and this is Winzie Howard Dot Com.

My past labors have included, among other things, editing duties for two novels; a popular four-part blog post series about the decline of Apple’s user interface design discipline; and the website you’re looking at.

My current labors include, among other things, a macOS redesign concept (coming soon); additions to the website you’re looking at (coming sooner); and a 10-episode animated miniseries (coming not-so-soon)—for which I am in charge of the writing, directing, animating, visual style, sound effects, music, branding, and marketing, with substantial contributions from other people, of course.

As for my future labors… we’ll see, won’t we? For now, it’s a pleasure just to have you here.